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Impressions of PLASA 2009

As in previous years, we had a strong presence at PLASA 2009 in London, with our own corporate stand, separate from G-LEC's new owner, GLP. Continuing the G-LEC principle of innovation, the bedrock of good business, we received some extremely positive feedback on our new products.

SMD tubes for Phantom 30

The Phantom 30 now has the option of SMD tubes, which can be simply dropped in to replace the existing tubes. The point-source surface mounted LEDs present a neat, clean image, with no colour shadows. Although not as bright as the standard Phantom 30 tubes, in all other respects the SMD tubes are no different, using the same hard- and software and offering the same features such as gamma/colour control.

High resolution S-Drive II

Available from the beginning of November, the new high-resolution S-Drive - S-Drive II - comes complete with updated software, enabling it to display information such as input resolution, frequency, cropping data, etc. Capable of running with all input resolutions up to 1600x1200 px, the standard 19" 1U rack mount S-Drive II has built in DVI splitter and auto-sync, thus avoiding any problems with different graphic cards and DVI sources. The intuitive PC-based software is fully back compatible with Phantom II/60 and all other G-LEC products.


Visitors to the stand were also enthusiastic about Solaris, shown last year in its prototype form. Solaris is an extremely cost effective way to bring eye catching video and graphic effects to your event. Up to 8 m long 'ropes' of 40mm diameter balls provide 360° viewing of images or messages, and the ropes can be hung in line as curtains or in groups for maximum effect. Completely flexible, the ropes can be curved or wound into any shape. Back to overview