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GLP’s joint Frankfurt venture with G-LEC declared an unqualified success

GLP and G-LEC exhibited together for the first time at this year’s Pro Light+Sound Show in Frankfurt, with the large (260m²) stand fully lit with LED. This joint appearance saw nearly 120m² of G-LEC Phantom 30 LED video display and over 100 different impression units in various LED assemblies (warm and cold white / RGB / 5-colour XL / XL RGBWWC).

The presentation included four new developments from GLP — the VOLKSLICHT Zoom (at the lower end of the LED range), the impression 300 RZ (at the upper end), the Creation II-2048 controller and the impression Meisterstück.

Head of marketing, Uli Steinle, said he was more than satisfied with the reaction. "This year again the large number of visitors was a pleasant surprise to us," he said.

In particular four production-ready items caught the eye.

Equipped with 296 Luxeon Rebel LEDs the impression 300 XL RZ is essentially the impression XL with zoom optics (identical to those on the 120 RZ). This allows a continuously variable zoom range of 10° to 26° distribution angle. The Zoom XL is now available in an RGB version while changes had been made inside the unit, since the impression 300 is equipped with 3-phase stepper motors, which provide a fast and very quiet movement.

At the other end of the scale, the Volkslicht Zoom is equipped with 60 Rebel LEDs and a zoom range from 10° to 26°. Equipped with 21 green, 21 blue and 18 red LEDs it has a power consumption of only 180 watts. The primary colours are identical to those of the impression 90 and the impression XL, which allows the units to interact without generating colour inconsistency.

Also presented at Pro Light+Sound 2010 was the revised impression Meisterstück. While the single Fresnel lens on the front remains, the optical concept of the device is now even more efficient, and the zoom range features a minimum of 8° and maximum 32° distribution angle.

The impression Meisterstück uses four high power RGBW LED chipsets with a total power consumption of 600 watts, which in addition to the typical GLP LED’s, generate rich primary and pastel colours in a white light range from 3200°K to 8000K. Due to a specially designed, maintenance-free, liquid cooling system and 3-phase stepper motor technology, an almost noiseless operation at full-power is possible.

Finally, a lot of interest was shown in the Creation II-2048 - the first lighting controller in GLP’s new Creation II Series. Continuing in the spirit of the original Creation controller, the Creation II impresses with a powerful feature set, a solid hardware platform (Cherry and Digitast buttons), while maintaining a simple-to-operate user interface. Back to overview