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GLP / G-LEC tour with german Hip-Hop band, Fettes Brot

Lighting designer Gunnar Loose uses a variety of impressions and G-LEC Phantom 30 frames

The long-running German hip hop band Fettes Brot embarked on their latest tour of German arenas (Fettes/Brot Tour 2010) at the end of April to coincide with the release of their new dual live CD’s, Fettes and Brot.

Initially the tour was planned to have taken place in smaller venues but, such was the success of the new CD that it quickly transpired that demand was much greater than expected. Many of the concerts moved to arenas with much larger capacities (ranging between 2,000-9,000) — and this leg will culminate in a performance at the vast, 20,000-capacity Lanxess Arena in Köln.

The variation in venue size had little effect on Gunnar Loose’s lighting design as he had created it with sufficient versatility and scalability to be easily implemented in tour venues, whatever the size.

Loose has been working for several years with Fettes Brot, constantly coming up with new designs for each tour.

As with previous concerts, the renowned LD again specified impression moving LED fixtures from GLP. This time he had steel ladders specially manufactured to take three impressions on each. "I have five frames in the back truss and four frames on the stage,” he explained. “The impressions provide me with the perfect lighting to implement my ideas.”

Loose complemented this with video technology from the same source. GLP supplied 16 G-LEC Phantom 30 frames to provide a vibrant LED video display. These were divided into four screens, mounted on the back truss.

Fettes Brot producer André Luth and designer Stefan Kassel created the video content, which consists mainly of self-produced images fitting seamlessly into the context of the recent album and the tour.

Gunnar Loose is particularly enthusiastic about the Phantom 30. "The colour and brightness of this system provide an absolute highlight. We run the frames at a maximum of 50 percent and yet they have brightness that some systems do not even reach at 100 percent!"

Pics: Fettes Brot in action — with the GLP Impressions, and LD Gunnar Loose

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