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Ibiza, Spain

Car Launch in the Mediterranean

German designer ‘CoDuck’ Meidt specified the G-LEC Phantom system, using 262 1 x 1m frames to create three large video display surfaces measuring 96m², 72m² and 46m² respectively, and one long strip 48m². The content was delivered by four media servers.

The launch of any new model is normally characterised by an impressive reveal, but this reveal was doubly impressive! On board a specially chartered cruise ship, sailing into a moonlit harbour, the dealers caught their first sight of a stunning set piece. Four huge G-LEC LED video screens, showing impressive promotional videos, provided the backdrop for the new models being driven onto the large outdoor stage, formed by a specially designed ramp on the quay side.

The screens needed to be large to ensure good visibility from a distance, but they also needed to present low wind resistance to the normally blustery conditions by the sea. The G-LEC system met all the criteria, being easy to rig to almost any size and virtually transparent to wind.

After disembarkation, the guests were able to walk around and look at the new models which, no doubt, presented the second most memorable experience that evening…