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G-LEC the Company

Formed by Lars Wolf in 2001, G-LEC grew from his passion for creating unusual and innovative lighting effects for events, particularly concert touring and clubs. When he developed the technology of the G-LEC Low Resolution LED Video display system, he knew that this was where the future lay.

A short history
G-LEC was formed in 2001 as the first company to use cutting edge technology to achieve transparent LED Video. Based on development work on transparent video on a landmark building in Tokyo’s fashionable Shibuya distruct, G-LEC launched its first product, the ClassicFrame, suitable for touring and the entertainment and events industries.

With initial successes in large concert touring shows and big corporate shows across Europe and the USA, G-LEC also set the mark in Television game shows as well as televised awards shows.

With G-LEC’s LightFrame winning the important Eddy Awards for Best Lighting Product, in New York in 2004, G-LEC continued to expande its range of products and international representation.

In 2006, the now industry standard Phantom system was launched, bringing the technology up to an unparalleled standard of reliability and usability, with the introduction of PixelPerfect, the DVI pixel mapping on a virtual screen of any size, the patented QuickLock connection system and the easy and fast optical fiber daisy chain video signal connections.

2006 also saw the first major architectural installation with the Casino Lisboa, a 6m high 280 m2 building façade using dynamic LED graphics to bring vibrant colours and movement to a landmark building.

2006 also saw the formation of G-LEC Architectural Division, specialising in utilizing G-LEC’s proprietory technology for custom and fixed applications. One of the first results from this division was the successful BMW Museum project, opened in 2008 in Munich, Germany, where G-LEC’s technology was used to form 700 m2 seamless video walls to exact project requirements.

2008 saw more custom architectural and interior projects resulting in wider product and technology capabilities, including the revolutionary Chimera system.

2009: G-LEC joins the GLP Group of companies.

G-LEC is undoubtably the most innovative of all LED Video companies, utilizing its wholly owned technology in the most demanding of both Events and Architectural projects across the world. With offices in the USA, France, Portugal, Brazil, Greece and Austria and partner companies in many more countries, G-LEC has the experience and stature to support any size project, anywhere.