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Berlin, Germany

Volkswagen’s IROC

The 288 Phantom frames were constructed to form a wall, outside of which a race track had been constructed. Inside the wall was the audience of dealers and international press, unable to see past the Phantom wall while video content was running. A further 63 Phantom frames formed a giant video screen for the official presentation.

Motivation and excitement was the brief behind the launch of Volkswagen’s concept car IROC to the world’s media. As video was played on the Phantom wall, the audience could hear, but not see, the cars racing around them, just the other side of the wall. Then a dramatic and unexpected reveal, as the wall of video was flown quickly out of sight. Once the roar of appreciation had died down, journalists were given a presentation by leading figures from Volkswagen, when a further 63 Phantom frames provided the backdrop for the stage set, which was subsequently used for the many photo sessions and interviews given by the Volkswagen team. This also formed the video backdrop for the party later, when Swedish band Mando Diao ensured everyone rocked the night away.