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Our Philosophy

Events and Architectural

Combining the best technologies available with the requirements of cutting edge designers and producers is, we think, a good way to run a business: the cross-pollination of best practices between events and architectural projects creates stronger and more innovative solutions in an ever more demanding world.

With strong core technologies, we are able to tackle the biggest events and create exciting custom made solutions for architectural designs. We pride ourselves that we can find the very best LED Video solution for any project, whether for an event or architectural.

Products and Projects

G-LEC continues to be at the forefront of the conceptual and technical development of low resolution LED Video. As innovators, we know that we can go that extra mile to realise the impossible.

Utilising our range of products - the Phantom, and soon the Chimera - and the technologies behind them, we work with designers and architects to apply our skills to specific projects, small and simple as well as large and complex.


With their roots in large scale touring events, all G-LEC products are built to be tough. The Phantom, the only low res Video screen designed from the outset for the rigours of touring, has earned nothing but praise from riggers, producers and designers.

Strong aluminium frames, fast QuickLockTM fixings and elegant power and video wiring solutions mean more sanity at the sharp end before the show, and more speed when striking the show.

True transparency gives freedom to place screens in previously unthinkable positions. The incredible light weight of massive screens makes hanging and trucking a feasible proposition instead of an expensive nightmare.

G-LEC’s technology of ultra bright LED Video is adaptable to many uses. The Phantom and Chimera are just two manifestations. What do you need?