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Transparent LED Video for events

Modular - Fast - Bright

The original system designed specifically for touring. Strong aluminium frames, super fast QuickLock fixings and elegant power and video wiring solutions equate to rapid setup and breakdown.
The LEDs have been chosen for their brightness and are brilliant even in daytime. Total transparency allows audio, wind and light to pass through.
1m x 1m frames click together to any size and shape, even into unconnected screen surfaces. Very large screens are light enough to hang and truck without special re-inforcement of stage or buildings.

Summary of main features

For an explanation of some of these terms, please look at our Knowledge Bank

  Phantom 30 Phantom 60
Pixel Resolution 30mm 60mm
Transparency 60% 70%
Luminosity 6160 nits 1544 nits
  • One man lift and connect
  • Patented QuickLock connections
  • Fast daisy-chained optical fibre links
  • Bevelled corners allowing curved screens
Signal Input DVI-D Digital Video, with PixelPerfect rendering
Power Supply
  • External PSU
  • Minimizing frame weight
  • Maximising transparency
  • Allowing servicing without disassembling whole screen
Fans No fans: no noise
Frame positioning Minimum offset distance between frames is 1 pixel vertical and horizontal

For more details, please download the Data Sheets for the Phantom 30 and 60.

Picture Gallery
Car launch
Daisy chain power and video
Brazilian Carnival 2007
Lightweight and transparent
Telegatti television awards, Italy
Patented QuickLock technology