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Subsonica Tour

When Subsonica, the Italian electro-rock cult band, began planning their powerful new Eclipse tour, lighting and set designer Mamo Pozzoli suggested an unusual set configuration so the fans could get more involved with the show. The mesh grill stage was 20m wide but just 4m deep. Two Horizontal Phantom 60 screens of 36 frames each were hung behind and in front of the band.

Experimental and charismatic indie band Subsonica are renowned as much for their edgy stage sets as for their edgy music. For their 2007/2008 tour, designer Mamo Pozzoli created an aggressive three-dimensional setting, emphasised by LED lighting and screens on different levels, but conceived and managed as a single, huge visual surface. The two Phantom 60 systems were flown or lowered at different times, sometimes just as a backdrop, sometimes with the band in between the two systems.

No other system could have provided such an unusual setting: the Phantom frames are so transparent that the audience had no difficulty seeing their heroes though the front set and the system was light enough to be easily flown. Moreover, the frames were easy to rig and de-rig, vital for such a fast-moving tour.