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Television Shows

MAD Video Music Award
Live on MAD Television
Theater Melina Mercouri, Athens, June 2006

Out of a total of 191 Phantom frames, 132 were used in a semi-circle in front of an impressive rock wall. The Phantom transparency made it possible to see through to the wall in the background. A further two quarter circles were constructed from the remaining frames, providing a moving entrance for the artists.

Echo 2006
Live on RTL Television
Estrel Convention Centre, Berlin, March 2006

160 Phantom frames were positioned at different heights across the whole width of the stage. Static and animated graphic images were divided into sections and played back on all frames simultaneously, creating a stunning visual effect.

BRAVO 50th Anniversary
Live on PRO7 Television
AOL Arena, Hamburg, October 2006

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of BRAVO, Germany’s biggest youth magazine, G-LEC provided 132 Phantom frames in an arrangement consisting of six sections across the stage. Moving banners of gauze were hung to travel in front of the Phantom segments, diffusing the LED images behind, enabling colourful backgrounds for long camera shots and a sparkling texture effect for close-ups.

The Big Galileo Show
PRO7 Television
TUI Arena, Hannover, May 2006

This show used 168 Phantom frames integrated into the set design to achieve a 3D effect. Sections of the set with frames on them were moved around during the show and the transparency of the Phantom system allowed lighting effects from behind the frames.