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Torino, Italy

Winter Olympic Award Ceremonies

A giant 260m² of the G-LEC Phantom LED showing custom made animations, lettering and also pre-recorded and live video.

The purpose built outdoor Olympic Award Ceremonies stage was located in the historic section of Torino, Italy, and was the setting for 55 award ceremonies as well as concerts and shows, watched by thousands of spectators and millions of TV viewers all over the world.

The massive Phantom backdrop went the full width of the stage, with a full scale symphony orchestra seated behind it. Allowing sound and light through the display was important, but when the giant screen was flown out, to allow the orchestra to play directly to the audience, it was a truly impressive reveal! No other screen would have had the transparency or been light enough to do this.

The 260 Phantom frames were fitted together and operated in the extreme conditions to be expected in the Italian Alps – sub-zero temperatures, snow and wind. To the delight of the clients, the G-LEC Phantom system proved to be as reliable as always.